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812, 2021

The Hot Job Market Has Drawbacks: Companies “Compromise” On Quality Hires That Are “Holding Businesses Back”

The current job market is so incredibly challenging that companies are forced to “compromise” on the quality of candidates just to get the help. To compound the problem, by bringing aboard people who don’t possess all of the needed skills and experiences, it holds business back, according to a new survey. The company’s Talent Trap Report surveyed business leaders and C-suite executives to learn their thoughts about the job market. The [...]

112, 2021

Future Trends In the Job Market Will Focus On Diversity, Employer Branding, Proactive Recruiting, and Non-Location-Based Pay

As the year is slowly coming to an end, it's a great time to gaze into our crystal balls and see what may happen in the future: Divide between the companies prioritizing and deprioritizing Diversity and Inclusion We contend that the “winners” will be the forward-looking, progressive organizations that “double down” their efforts on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It's not just a nice thing to do; by attracting and recruiting a [...]

1210, 2021

The Great Rehiring Is Here If Poor Processes Don’t Ruin It

A new survey finds that 78% of organizations plan to increase hiring in the second half of 2021. More than half of companies say their hiring is focused on growing new roles and teams, while only a third are aiming to return their staffing to pre-pandemic levels. But while the focus on hiring for growth is wonderful, poor hiring processes could hamstring those gains. In the Hiring For Attitude research, my team [...]

610, 2021

8 Tips For Conducting an Excellent Remote Interview

As companies scramble to fill a record number of job openings remotely, the internet is awash in tips for candidates seeking to stand out from the crowd while confined to a Zoom box. But what about the employers on the other end of the connection? For them, “cracking the code” on remote interviewing is just as critical. Bad hiring decisions cost money and drain morale. Without the multitude of data points available only [...]

2909, 2021

5 Things Employers Must Do To Attract High-Quality Employees During The “Great Resignation”

A recent survey found that 41% of workers are thinking about handing in their notice. The “Great Resignation,” coined by Anthony Klotz, is a phenomenon created in the wake of the pandemic. Workers had more free time to think about their careers, explore entrepreneurship, and save money— and many realized that the usual way of doing business is just not worth their mental health. Employers will need to wake-up if they intend [...]

2209, 2021

Why U.S. Talent Shortages Are At A Ten-Year High

Attracting and retaining skilled workers has rarely been more challenging as 54% of companies globally report talent shortages—the highest in over a decade. According to a ManpowerGroup survey, talent shortages in the U.S. have more than tripled in the last ten years, with 69% of employers struggling to fill positions, up from just 14% in 2010. "As U.S. employers face the highest skills shortages in over a decade, the relationship between [...]

809, 2021

Job Growth Much Lower Than Expected: The 4 Real Reasons Behind The US Economic Slowdown

Economists predicted that the US economy would add approximately 750,000 jobs in August. The actual number, 235,000, was 69% lower than projections, according to Forbes reports. Numbers indicate an economic slowdown, and inflation hawks are pointing at higher wages, and resulting higher prices, coming soon to a marketplace near you. Despite paycheck increases, the number of jobs available in the US has never been higher in this century. The Bureau of Labor [...]

109, 2021

4 Things Top Talent Looks For In A Company When Interviewing

There’s more to a job than the responsibilities, working hours, and compensation. In today’s millennial-led workplace, job seekers want to work for a company in which their values are aligned. While salary is indeed important in order to make a living, many job seekers would take a pay cut if the company meets other important criteria and provides them opportunities to grow. As such, job seekers are diligent in researching [...]

2508, 2021

The Top Trend’s In America’s Job Market

The U.S. labor market is going through extraordinary times: historically fast job growth, severe labor shortages despite a still-high unemployment rate, and the epic shift to remote work. As the fallout from Covid-19 continues, here are the most important U.S. job market trends. The shift to remote work 1.      Remote work is here to stay. Seventeen months after the beginning of the pandemic, most employers believe that remote work does not negatively affect [...]

1808, 2021

Four Ways To Attract And Retain Talent Today

Trends are cyclical. “The Great Resignation” can easily create panic for some employers but should ultimately be viewed more as an opportunity. The market is telling us something beyond the typical war for talent and forcing every industry to understand what people value and what will make them put on some dress slacks, and make that commute into the office. As summer vacations wind down and employers brace for “The [...]

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