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2005, 2024

Half Of All Skills Will Be Outdated Within Two Years, Study Suggests

Executives believe nearly half of the skills that exist in today’s workforce won’t be relevant just two years from now, thanks to artificial intelligence. And a lot of that includes their own skills. This startling proclamation came out of a recent survey of 800 executives and 800 employees released by edX, an online education platform.

1605, 2024

$20 an Hour, Clothing Stipend, Meals: How a Big Four firm is Trying to Get Teens Interested in accounting

To tap the next generation of number crunchers, accounting firms and nonprofit groups are trying new strategies to address the talent pipeline problem by appealing directly to teenagers.

1402, 2024

Yes, The Talent Shortage Is Real: What You Must Know To Attract And Retain

Amid all the press about layoffs and AI replacing jobs, it’s natural to question whether there really is a talent shortage. The short answer is yes, the shortage of talent is real. It is global. It is significant, and it will be long-lasting. But it’s also important to understand the dynamics of the labor market and the reasons for the shortage, so you can respond effectively and ensure a runway [...]

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