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1609, 2020

Interview Tips For Executives In The New World Of Work

In a highly competitive market, it’s not enough just to be a strong candidate, especially for senior level and executive professionals. In addition to limiting the field of opportunities that are available, the pandemic has shifted organizational thinking to focus more on different types of thinking, skills, and competencies as critical for agility in an unpredictable world. As a result, interviews are no longer the moment for only showcasing your [...]

909, 2020

Work Friendships Are Key For Team Camaraderie, But How Do You Cultivate Them Remotely?

Hands down, one of the benefits of an office environment is the ability to hang out with our work friends. There’s a reason why the term “work spouse” has become so common. Whether your work friends are like family or you just have one buddy who has made an otherwise toxic workplace tolerable, for most of us work is where we connect with someone who lifts our spirits and makes the [...]

2608, 2020

Leaders: How To Build A Corporate Culture In Uncharted Territory

The combination of a global health crisis and our world’s renewed focus on racial injustice has completely upended what it means to build and maintain a corporate identity. Unprecedented calls for unity, commitments to diversity and open dialogue are widespread, yet virtually no one is in the office, and employees across the board expect varying degrees of change from their management teams. Executives are embarking on changes that would be difficult even [...]

1908, 2020

Job Interview Strategies: 5 Ways To Access The Power In Your Personal Story

In every job interview, your success depends on your story. When meeting with HR or a hiring manager for the first time, either via phone or video, you’re going to be asked to demonstrate your skills. And your flaws. There are qualifying questions and disqualifying answers - how will you respond? Here are five narrative techniques that can help you to change the conversation, presenting yourself in the best possible light. [...]

1208, 2020

What Executives Are Doing On LinkedIn To Stand Out

Executives are paying attention to their own careers in record numbers. In the last two weeks, I have worked with seven different executives who each wanted help writing their LinkedIn profile to reflect their personal or company brand better. Julie, a CEO, said, “I have ignored LinkedIn up to now. It wasn’t important enough, so I’ve got a bare-bones profile up. I realize that has been a key mistake. It [...]

508, 2020

Are You Having Fun With Your Remote Coworkers? Maybe You Should.

Now that many of us have settled into remote-work quarantine life routine, a couple of work trends are emerging: 1) People seem to be working more than ever (numerous recent studies highlight burnout as a major problem for 20-80% of work-from-home employees) 2) Many report feelings of loneliness and isolation from colleagues and miss the informal work interactions around the water-cooler As more companies extend their work-from-home policies or go remote-first, they will need to [...]

2907, 2020

4 Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of Work

The way we work has shifted quicker than anyone could have imagined. If you’re reading this from your home office, taking a quick coffee break from the seemingly constant stream of Zoom calls, then you’re already seeing a glimpse of the future of work. Before COVID-19 spread globally, the workforce had already begun to make a gradual shift in how we work, but the global health crisis has greatly accelerated [...]

2207, 2020

If You’re Interviewing Candidates Over Video, You Need To Say This One Sentence At The Start Of The Interview

Your goal in any job interview is to get your candidates talking so that they reveal what they’re truly like behind their interview persona. Your job is to move candidates past their scripted responses and into their unvarnished truths. That’s hard enough to do in a face-to-face job interview, so of course, it’s that much harder during video job interviews. If we only need to test candidates’ technical skills, we wouldn’t [...]

1507, 2020

Despite Historic Unemployment, Finding a Job Isn’t That Difficult -At Least Not Yet

We are in the midst of the deepest recession in 80 years. The unemployment rate is historically high. That typically means many job seekers per job opening, making it hard to find employment but easy for employers to find qualified workers. This time is different – but only for the next several months. The disconnect between the unemployment rate and the ease of finding a job or finding qualified workers [...]

807, 2020

Looking For A New Job? Here’s The One Skill Recruiters Are Looking For:

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you are aware that we are now living in very uncertain times, with big changes coming. To start, Oxford researchers predict that as soon as 2033, 47% of US jobs will be at high risk of being replaced by robots. Let’s also not forget that approximately 50% of workplace activities around the globe are automatable. This will push the entire workforce to develop new skillsets and [...]

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