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102, 2023

Solving Organizational Diversity Is Still an Issue: The Cost Is Steep, But the Rewards Are High

Despite all the advocacy and awareness to improve employment equality and inclusion standards in the workplace, the hard numbers for diversity in hiring are still quite poor. Yet, it is one of the most damning errors a company can make, especially when seeking investment and partnerships. Beyonce famously walked out of a meeting about a potential collaboration with Reebok over a lack of diversity in their team. This isn't just [...]

2501, 2023

This Is Why Your Hiring Process Isn’t Working

If you want to make better hiring decisions, you might need to change how you interview. We've all made hiring mistakes. We meet a stellar candidate with all the right experience and technical skills. They look great on paper and interview well. We're excited to make them an offer and bring them on board. Then just months later, we're wondering where we went wrong or what we missed. They're underperforming, aren't [...]

1101, 2023

Missing Out On Talent When Hiring For Passion

A common refrain in the recruitment world is that you should hire for attitude, as skills can be taught. The notion is that a proactive and enthusiastic personality is far harder to cultivate, but that such a personality can easily support the individual as they pick up the skills required to thrive. It is a narrative that certainly has a degree of logic to it, but new research from Stanford suggests that [...]

401, 2023

Job Security and Pay That Keeps Up With Inflation Are The New, Cool Job Perks

The new year will call for you to focus on job security, finding companies that can provide assurances that they are not planning layoffs, and compensation that can keep up with inflation. You may want to go into the office up to five days a week to ensure that management notices you, as you’ll benefit from the proximity bias. The beginning of 2023 will be challenging for workers. Job hunters [...]

1412, 2022

The Top Workplace Trends For 2023

There’s no question that 2022 has been a roller coaster year when it comes to the ever-evolving workplace. We’ve seen a shift to remote work, inflation, layoffs and now predictions of a possible recession. For employees, that will mean asking for promotions, raises or even looking for positions with higher salaries to help them keep up with rising prices. On the employer side, recruitment and retention activities will take center stage [...]

712, 2022

Why Talent-Centric Organizations Are Going To Win The Future

With the Great Resignation on one hand and a looming recession on the other, change appears to be the only constant. Every day, it seems there are new tactics and strategies to stay competitive in a fast-changing world—and many companies are struggling to keep up. But talent-centric organizations don’t have to frantically change gears every time the job market does, argues Carol Schultz, a talent equity and leadership advisory expert [...]

3011, 2022

Outlook for 2023: The Great Rebalance

What a year 2022 has been. From the Great Resignation to candidate ghosting, the dominant themes were record job vacancies, acute talent shortages, and workers having the upper hand. But as the year draws to a close, the great jobs boom appears to be over as fears of a recession mount. So, what does 2023 hold in store? Despite economic stresses, the U.S. labor market has held up. According to [...]

911, 2022

Why Your Company’s People Are The Best Recruiters, And How To Engage Them

Employees have always been a part of many companies’ recruiting strategies—typically offering bonuses for new employees they introduce to the company. But in many organizations, HR is underutilizing this valuable asset of knowledgeable, credible recruiters that is enormous in size and impact. According to new benchmarking data from the Society for Human Resource Management, many employers estimate the total cost to hire a new employee can be three to four times [...]

1210, 2022

The Freelance Revolution Is Ahead Of Schedule

It’s widely accepted that by the time journalists publish a “news breaking” cover story, its novelty has already peaked in the real world. A good example: the emergence of freelancing as a significant player in the future of work. While many of us were writing about the value of freelancing, its global scale, and the necessity of treating it as a fundamental part of the future of work, independent professionals [...]

510, 2022

Does Open Talent Solve The Quietly Quitting Problem?

There’s been a good deal of ink spilled in trying to explain “quietly quitting”. And, much consternation about how quietly quitting is a serious concern of many organizational leaders. Its prompted some executives to push employees to either participate more enthusiastically in their work and organization, or leave for greener pastures. Others go further and see quiet quitters in the crosshairs of staff reductions. Interestingly, a number of pundits suggest increased reliance on freelancers as a [...]

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