3 Hiring Trends For 2024: AI, Optimism And Online Recruiting

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By Ringside Talent Partners

December 20, 2023

In 2024, hiring trends will shift as organizations adapt to a changing global workforce and several key themes emerge, offering employers and job seekers a positive outlook. While 2023 started with massive layoffs and continued with that trend throughout the year to cut costs, the panorama seems quite different for 2024. Now with costs more under control and an interest rate moving in the right direction, the potential of AI technologies shows a clear opportunity for forward-looking job platforms and employers to improve this experience for all.

1) Optimistic Outlook on Global Hiring:

Despite the challenges presented by recent global events, hiring trends for 2024 indicate a renewed sense of optimism. Google research shows that 39% of hiring leaders said they plan to increase their financial commitment toward hiring in 2024, and 70% of surveyed U.S. job seekers were somewhat or very confident about their prospects of finding new jobs.

As economies rebound and industries rebuild, companies prepare for growth, creating a heightened demand for skilled professionals. This positive outlook is demonstrated by increased job opportunities across various sectors, creating a favorable environment for job seekers.

2) Large recruitment websites are the most popular

Technology has transformed the hiring process, and 2024 marks a definitive shift toward online recruiting. Among the hiring decision-makers surveyed in the same research, 58% identified large recruitment sites as the top sources for finding highly qualified candidates — even more so than their company career pages and employee referrals. Active job seekers also identified large recruitment sites as their top source, with 92% using them at least monthly.

3) AI-driven Innovations in Hiring:

Employers and job seekers have similar expectations from hiring platforms. The quality of job seekers’ experiences on these platforms plays a significant role in their job search journey and AI is helping drive this effort.

Some uses of AI in Hiring:

– Resume Matching: AI algorithms analyze resumes to identify the most relevant candidates based on skills, experience, and qualifications.

– Predictive Analytics: Machine learning models predict candidate success by analyzing historical data, allowing recruiters to make more informed hiring decisions.

– Chatbots for Initial Screening: AI-powered chatbots engage with candidates in real-time, conducting preliminary assessments and providing instant feedback.

According to the hiring trends anticipated for 2024, the recruitment industry seems optimistic. This optimism is mainly due to the strategic integration of online recruiting platforms and the increasing influence of AI in the talent acquisition process. The evolving landscape requires organizations to be adaptable and commit to technological advancements. These factors will be crucial in unlocking success in the quest for top talent.


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