How To Lose A New Hire In Three Easy Steps

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By Ringside Talent Partners

January 10, 2024

Several months later they give their notice.

How on earth did that just happen?

Here are three easy steps to lose a new hire.

1. Bait and switch. The way you described the job to your new hire vaguely resembles the job they’re in. Perhaps you stretched the truth to snag this talented individual. In the current competitive job landscape, the regrettable trend of the bait and switch remains prevalent, causing people to experience a sense of deception and frustration. This deceptive tactic unfolds when employers promote roles with alluring descriptions and assurances only to modify the terms or duties after hiring.

Think twice before greatly exaggerating the duties of the job you are filling. Otherwise, be prepared to make filling positions your full-time job.

2. Let your new hire figure stuff out on their own. Make it a point to be unavailable during the first week of work. You’ve done a great job of hiring so of course they’ll figure things out. You’re right. Your new hire will quickly realize that you’re less of a boss than they thought.

Make sure you’re available to onboard your new hire during their first week at work. Schedule 15- and 30-day one-on-one meetings where you review their duties and goals. Adjust where necessary. Continue this process monthly.

3. Hire the wrong person for the job. The hiring process can be exhausting. (It doesn’t have to be, but that’s for another article.) After weeks, and sometimes months, you’re ready to just fill the darn job. You make an offer to Mr. Goodenough, and he accepts.

It doesn’t take long for one of you to figure out that this job is a bad fit. You secretly hope he’ll quit when he decides he’s going to wait for you make the first move. Eventually, one of you gives in.

You’re not merely seeking skilled and seasoned employees; you aim to integrate individuals into your team who will enhance your company’s culture. To decrease the likelihood of losing an employee within 90 days, be sure to hire someone who will seamlessly integrate with your current staff.

Hiring is the most important responsibility that any manager has. Be transparent, completely available, and resist the temptation to settle, and you will have new hires remain with you for years to come.

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