Leverage this rare hiring opportunity

By Ringside Talent Partners

March 18, 2024

Technology salaries remain some of the highest around, and tech company valuations are breaking records, but that hasn’t stopped mass layoffs from continuing in the industry.

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The tech industry’s recent upheaval, marked by a spate of layoffs at leading firms such as Toast and Cisco, underscores its unpredictable nature. While the reasons behind the layoffs can be debated, it’s undeniable that this influx of available talent presents a unique opportunity for companies to build a resilient talent pool.

Here’s how businesses can navigate these turbulent times to enhance their talent acquisition strategies.

Leveraging Industry Experience

The layoffs have released a pool of industry-experienced candidates into the job market. Companies should actively seek out these individuals, as they bring a wealth of knowledge and potentially a quicker transition into new roles.

Many recently laid-off candidates are already working in the industry you are hiring for. Recruiting this type of talent, which all your competitors want, gives your organization an edge.

Strategic Succession Planning

Succession planning is often a low priority for business leaders. But it shouldn’t be.

Succession planning is critical, especially in uncertain times. Companies should identify key areas where leadership and specialized skills are essential and focus on attracting talent that can fill these roles in the future. This forward-looking strategy ensures an organization’s resilience, enabling it to weather changes in the team.

Fostering Technological Savviness and Internal Growth

A recent report on cloud technology reveals that while 75% of tech leaders plan to develop all new products and services using cloud technology, only 8% of tech teams are highly experienced in using cloud tools. This shows a significant gap in knowledge within the tech industry. Even with enough budget to hire new staff, finding candidates with the necessary skills is not assured.

Developing tech fluency within the existing workforce can mitigate the impact of a tech talent shortage. Investing in comprehensive training and skill enhancement programs allows companies to cultivate a dynamic and flexible talent pool, ready to adapt to evolving business needs while minimizing dependence on external recruitment.

Leveraging this Rare Hiring Opportunity 

Assembling a talent bench is more than just filling vacancies; it involves identifying individuals with the potential for future leadership.

Companies should look for candidates with motivation, curiosity, and the ability to learn and adapt. These traits are indicative of individuals who can grow with the company and contribute to its long-term success.


While the recent tech layoffs present challenges, they also unveil invaluable opportunities for organizations ready to enhance their talent acquisition frameworks. Businesses can leverage these uncertain times as a springboard for growth and sustained resilience.

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