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By Ringside Talent

December 20, 2017

Resume Trends We Will See More of in 2018

1. Professionally Prepared Resumes 

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As job seekers mind these mistakes and aim to perfect their resume, one prepared in a professional way will be one of the biggest trends in 2018.


2. Personality Will Play an Even Greater Role

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Aside from the core skills needed for the specific job, hiring managers now consider personality traits important. Therefore, they hire people who’ll fit into their office culture. More than the qualifications on paper, they recruit people they can trust and will give their best in doing the job given to them.


3. Social Media Will Become More Important

When Searching Job Candidates - Mini Infographic - Resume Valley

A job seekers’ social media reputation is important in hiring; hence this trend will get even bigger in 2018.


4. Digital Resumes and Portfolios

showing online portfolio

As the internet becomes more important in the job hunting process, digital resumes, LinkedIn connections, and online portfolios will be more visible in 2018. In the same way, the resume format won’t change much, but its shareability will be a huge help.


Taking Advantage of and Following the Trends in Resume Writing

As a job seeker, you can take advantage of the latest resume trends using these resume guidelines.

1. Save your resume as PDF.

This format makes sure employers see your resume layout just as how you want them to see it. Further, include your first name, last name, and desired position in the file name.

2. Make it pleasing to the eyes, but keep it organized.

Avoid flashy colors and fancy fonts. Then again, you can use bullets and white-space, too, to keep the contents organized and easy to read.

3. Use and scatter a few keywords.

To pass most applicant tracking systems, you can further use a handful of keywords straight from the job post.

4. Add your “professional” social media URL.

In including your LinkedIn account URL, you give the recruiter a chance to know you better with the other qualifications not stated in your resume.

5. Aim for a perfect resume.

Petty slips have no room in your resume. However, if you’re not poised enough to write your own, you can hire can hire expert resume writers.


Source: Resume Valley