CIO CTO Recruiters

By Ringside Talent Partners

August 23, 2023

CIOs and CTOs are finding their footing as invaluable strategic partners and resources for the business, playing strategic leadership roles with impact that transcend IT. IT is now thought of as a partner and brought in much sooner in the overall rethinking of business processes rather than coming in at the end to digitize workflows. While CIOs are still immersed in cybersecurity, hybrid cloud strategy, or app modernization, they are equally working with boards of directors and other top leadership to drive digital transformation, form strategy for the organization, lay out roadmaps, and develop policy.

CIOs are facing a challenging to-do list as they strive to maximize IT productivity and efficiency in increasingly unpredictable times. IT leaders must reassess their business and technology strategies and, when necessary, realign them to address rapidly evolving business and economic concerns. Leading digital transformation for their organizations is about being a partner in the business, moving toward greater resiliency, sustainability, and customer value through the adoption of simplified, modern CRM, ERP, and HR systems.

  • Among the many priorities for CIOs this year are building resiliency and improving business alignment.
  • Critical IT skills, especially in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, have long been in short supply, and the current labor shortage is intensifying the need for such professionals.
  • It’s critical that CIOs are aware of everything that’s taking place across the organization and fully understand the priorities, pain points, processes, investments, and technologies their colleagues are dealing with.

With technology at the epicenter of all aspects of modern business, IT leaders are actively driving business innovation, developing and refining business strategy, and identifying opportunities for competitive differentiation. IT leaders are making the transition from implementing digital transformation to running a digital-first organization that connects technology to business outcomes.