Tech & Finance Recruiting

By Ringside Talent

June 15, 2016

Job interviews are a prime opportunity to display some of your least professional qualities.

With all eyes on you, your habit of dressing sloppily or being exceedingly negative will be front and center for hiring managers and company influencers to see.

To help you avoid letting bad habits shine through at the worst moment, we asked experts to highlight some of the least professional behavior you could demonstrate that will almost certainly cost you the job.

Here’s what you could be doing all wrong that makes you look unprofessional during your job interview:

  1. Being late
  2. Poor grooming and hygiene
  3. Dressing inappropriately
  4. Smoking and drinking
  5. Texting when bored
  6. Grooming in public
  7. Bringing too much stuff
  8. Speaking without thinking
  9. Being too informal
  10. Projecting a negative attitude
  11. Not doing your homework
  12. Oversharing
  13. Swearing
  14. Displaying shyness
  15. Interrupting
  16. Poor body language
  17. Embellishing
  18. Being too eager


Source: Business Insider written by Rachel Gillett