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By Ringside Talent

September 27, 2016

First impressions are crucial in an interview, but so is how you answer their questions. Each answer to every question that is relentlessly hurled at you impacts the final decision. Are you confident in your response? Is your answer honest? Do you struggle in your responses? Interviewers are looking for these signs along with your answer. But what about the question that often asked and could have an effect on the hiring process, are you willing to relocate?

This question could come as a surprise or you could have been prepared for it. But what should your response be? Here are five responses that will make sure your name is not removed from consideration: 

1) I am absolutely willing to relocate:

This might be the obvious answer, especially if you are able to relocate anywhere they would like. As a young adult the opportunity to relocate might be exciting. Answering that you are definitely willing to relocate will show that you want to do whatever is necessary to be a part of the company and team. A formal answer would be: “For the right opportunity I am definitely willing to relocate. I believe that this position and company is that opportunity.”

If you have no issue with relocating for this position, it would be very beneficial to ask the interviewer questions as well. Asking these questions will reassure that you are able to move for the position.

2) The ‘maybe’ answer:

Relocating for a job is a major life change. There are many questions left unanswered that could cause you to debate whether you are willing to move for a position. How long will you be there? Is this a company I want to have a long career with? Will I be able to advance my career with positions? All of these questions would have anyone on the fence about relocating for a job. So can you can you answer maybe?

The answer is yes, maybe is an answer and not a bad one. It is how you answer that is important. You might respond with: “I very much enjoy this area and would love to continue my career here, but this position is a great opportunity for my career and if relocating is a part of that, I would definitely consider it.”

3) Saying possibly with enthusiasm:

Moving is not always that ideal situation. Though this job opportunity might be exactly what you are looking for, moving still does not get you excited. Most companies will ask if you are willing to relocate to gauge your interest in the position. This question could be a major factor in determining if you are hired. This is where honesty is important. Lying in an interview is bad for all parties involved.

It is ok to be hesitant about relocating. It is important to portray that in the best way possible in the interview. Answering with a statement like, “This is a great opportunity and a position I believe I am a great fit. I enjoy working in this area, but I would consider relocating depending on the circumstances.”

This will help you stay on track while staying honest with the interviewer. They will see that you are willing to do what it takes to be a part of the team and would like to further your career at this location.

4) How do you say no?

Sometimes moving is just not an option. Several reasons could cause a need for you to stay in this area. But if you say no will it cause you to lose this job opportunity? In some cases it just might. But there is a way to say no without insinuating you don’t want the job.

“This is a great opportunity for my career and would love to be a part of the team here. I enjoy this area and think it is where I would like to further my career, especially with this company.” This could be a great answer that states that moving is not something that you would like to do, but you are sincere about wanting the job. Being honest can get you far with a potential employer. 

5) What not to say: 

With very few correct answers to this job, there are a plethora of wrong answers. You will not know every answer in an interview. In fact, they don’t necessarily expect you to know every answer throughout the interview. Even when you don’t know the answer, there still is a correct response. When asked if you are willing to relocate there are many wrong answers. Let’s take a look at what not to say:

  • “Are you going to pay me more?”
  • “If I get to choose where you move me.”
  • “I never want to move from this area.”
  • “Depends on what you are willing to offer.”

Any answers along these lines will make them forget about you and move on to the next candidate. Some of the best advice that I have ever heard states, “It is not necessarily what you say but how you say it that is more important.” This is definitely true during an interview when you are answering certain questions.


Source: Undercoverrecruiter written by Caleb McElveen