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By Ringside Talent

December 18, 2019

Which tech skills and occupations are in demand?  Which states and cities are hiring the most, and which companies are looking to grow their workforce?  These are valuable questions for you and anyone else in your business to ask in order to start 2020 off successfully – especially after a 19-year low tech unemployment rate in 2019.   So which tech skills and occupations are in demand?

Ohio has seen a 53% growth rate in hiring tech jobs from 2018 – 2019.   In addition, according to Forbes, in terms of overall job growth across the United States, the following Ohio cities were ranked in the top 10 nationally as the top cities that jobs will be available in in 2020:  #9)  Dayton, #8)  Cleveland/Cincinnati (tie), #2) Columbus.  What jobs will be available and which ones are hard to fill?

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2019 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs:

  1.  Software Developer / Engineer
  2. Computer Support Specialist
  3. IT Project Manager
  4. Computer System Engineer / Architect
  5. Network Engineer / Architect
  6. System analyst
  7. Cyber / Information Security Engineer / Analyst
  8. Software QA Engineer / Tester
  9. Network / Systems Administrator
  10. Web Developer
  11. Database Administrator
  12. Computer Programmer
  13. UI / UX Designer / Developer
  14. Business Intelligence Analyst
  15. Business Intelligence Architect / Developer
  16. Graphic Designer / Desktop Publisher
  17. Database Architect
  18. Mobile Applications Developer
  19. Data Scientist
  20. Data Engineer


Which Tech Jobs are the Most Difficult To Fill:

  1. Data Scientist:  47 days
  2. Data Engineer:  46 days
  3. Computer Scientist:  46 days
  4. Business Intelligence Architect / Developer:  45 days
  5. IT Project Manager:  43 days

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Which Skills are In Demand:

  1. SQL
  2. Java
  3. Software Development
  4. JavaScript
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Python
  7. Linux
  8. Oracle
  9. Microsoft C#
  10. Scrum



Going into 2020, challenges and opportunities alike are sure to present themselves.  There are more technologists than ever will the skills and experience that business need to build out and maintain their tech stacks; however, low unemployment and economic growth rates mean that sourcing and hiring the right talent has become a challenge for many – companies pay higher salaries in order to hire qualified developers, but then worry about them being approached by competitors.


Source:  Nick Kolakowski Dice:  Hiring in 2020