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By Ringside Talent

November 16, 2016

Group job interviews are becoming more common. They’re intended to expedite the hiring process, but for most candidates they’re pretty intimidating.

Here are 5 tactics that can help you outshine a roomful of competitors if an employer springs a group interview on you:

1. Understand the Process

In a group interview, one or several people interview all candidates for a position simultaneously. In addition to speeding up hiring, the process also allows hiring managers to see you in a team setting so they can better assess your communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

2. Do Your Homework

Prepare for the interview as you would any other – that means researching the company and (if possible) the hiring manager and practicing answers to common interview questions. You can also check Glassdoor for information about the hiring process from past candidates. They may even shed some light on the types of questions or activities you’ll face.

3. Speak Up

Very often, a group interview is intended to be a conversation rather than an interrogation. Don’t wait for your turn to talk. It’s not about being the loudest or chattiest; it’s a chance to show that you are paying attention, confident, experienced, and a natural leader.

4. Be Professional

You can disagree with others in the room, but do so in a respectful manner. Rather than singling someone out by name or saying an idea is stupid, say something like, “I have a different viewpoint ,and here’s why …”

5. Follow Up

Send a thank-you note (old-fashioned handwritten cards are more memorable than emails) to every person who interviewed you. Take advantage of this last communication to remind them of a point you made during the interview to help them remember you.

While group interviews can be scary for the uninitiated, they don’t have to kill your chances at landing your dream job. Shift your mindset from being fearful to feeling confident by mastering the steps above. Before long, you’ll grow to love that this unique interview format gives you an opportunity to show off why you’re a better choice than everyone else.


Source: written by Jodie Shaw