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By Ringside Talent

December 20, 2016

Who’s counting down the days until they go on holiday?

Whether you’re going to spend quality time at home with the people you love or go on an amazing adventure to somewhere new, you’ve earned your time off, so you want to make it as relaxing as possible.

Part of enjoying your time away means wrapping up loose ends and dealing with dramas before you leave, so you don’t need to be disturbed while you’re away, or have to return to an absolute car crash.

To ensure this is the case, here’s what you have to do before you go!

  1. Check in with clients

Regardless of how many plates you are spinning at work, it’s so important to check in with your clients and business partners before you leave – even if they don’t require immediate attention. Let them know how long you’re away for and resolve any potential issues early.

  1. Have a plan of attack ready for your return

If you’re leaving for Christmas holidays, it’s important to make sure January doesn’t look completely bare. You want to hit the ground running upon your return to work – not sit down at a desk with an empty calendar and a million emails. Having an action plan to crack on with upon your return will save you time fumbling around trying to remember who you are and what you do, giving you a kickstart into the new year or quarter!

  1. Remember to put your out of office on

Put a nice message on there and let people know when to expect to be able to contact you again. You also need to have another point of contact they can be referred to in your absence. Even if you’re still responding to emails while you’re OOO, at least let people know to expect a delay.

  1. Do a proper handover

Whether it’s another colleague or your boss, write out an easy to follow and thorough handover document. Don’t annoy your colleagues and have them waste their time playing the guessing game while you’re away. The more thorough you are, the higher the quality of coverage you’ll get from whoever is looking after your work.

  1. Clean your desk

Before you go on holiday is a great time to clean out all those old files and papers you never use. Wipe down your keyboard and empty your drawers of Tupperware and ink-less pens. When you return to work, you’ll feel fresh… not to mention, you won’t get a bad rep while you’re away for being a grot.

  1. Update your admin

Go through your customer files and pipeline records etc. Make sure of all your administration is up to date and accurate. It will make your colleagues’ lives easier as they’ll be able to find what they need from your work quicker and easier, without having to phone you to ask questions they really shouldn’t have to

  1. Don’t do things you regret at social drinks

Especially around Christmas time, there’s no shortage of social activities put on by your employer! Don’t go absolutely off the charts and do embarrassing things, that’ll make you leave the office feeling paranoid. No one wants to be ‘that’ person who gets talked about, let alone when you’re not there to defend yourself.

  1. Say thank you

Finally, remember to pay ‘thanks’ where it’s due. Simply showing your appreciation to people will make people want to help you more. Don’t take things for granted and remember to always be grateful.

Once you’ve done all these things, you’ll be closer than ever to sitting back, relaxing and rejuvenating! Happy holidays. You deserve it!


Source: UNDERCOVERECRUITER written by Phoebe Spinks