Tech & Finance Recruiting

By Ringside Talent

November 30, 2016

In today’s challenging and competitive talent marketplace, strong company culture and employee retention go hand in hand. Here are 5 ways to retain top talent.

1)  Optimize Onboarding

A new hire’s first day is one of the most important of his or her career. We encourage new hires to start on Tuesday or later so their first week can be spent learning and absorbing their new environment—and there is quite a bit to learn!  Include small perks and incentives, and if they start on Friday, let them enjoy “casual Friday”!

2)  Build a Family  

A sense of family is extremely important to culture. Despite rapid growth, aim to keep a close-knit yet professional environment. Every member of your staff should get to know the founding family members at some point, if possible. Hold company picnics and holiday parties that serve as your own ‘family functions,’ emphasizing food and fun.

3)  Foster an Atmosphere That Fits Your Culture

Value a fun, engaging and positive culture. You want your employees to feel happy and healthy while they’re working. Try implementing cultural fixtures such as standing desks to minimize sedentary work for your professional staff, healthy snacks during the day or company “happy hours”.

4)  Focus on Feedback

Listen to staff feedback. You should want to know what’s working and what isn’t. Conduct town hall meetings to allow for periodic feedback from your employees regarding the company culture and discuss business goals.

5)  Encourage a Flat Structure

Try an open environment for your office to encourage everyone to work together accessibly and get to know one another organically. Define your company structure. One with levels, but one that is also matrixed, so that collaborative work and feedback is not only possible but empowers professional staff to mold and shape their own careers.


Source: Glassdoor by Lindsay Terzian