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By Ringside Talent

March 22, 2018

It might sound like a prime situation to be in; you have accepted a job at a new company that offers you what your current position could not, and now upon resigning, you are given a counteroffer that includes more money, perhaps a promotion, and perks you were never offered before.   You have two companies seemingly fighting over you, a flattering situation to be in.  Now you can choose between the two offers, right?  Wrong.  You should never, I repeat, NEVER accept a counter offer when you resign.  Here’s why:

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1.)  Don’t have amnesia.

Remember why you started looking for another job in the first place.   Whether it be pay, your boss, or career path, your current company does not give you the things you need to feel happy in your current position.   Making a career move is a big deal so you have already weighed what is important to you and found those things in this new position.  That is why you accepted it.  If your current company begins offering you benefits that you had not been offered before, you must ask yourself:  why was I not offered these things prior to quitting?

2.)  The counteroffer benefits them, not you.

This part may be hard to hear… but you are NOT being offered more money, a promotion, perks, etc. because your current company thinks you deserve it. If they did, they would have offered them to you prior to you attempting to quit.  Replacing any employee is expensive and costs the company money.  It takes time to look for, interview, hire, and then train a new employee.  So, it would be beneficial for them, not you, THEM to just throw a little more money at you so that they don’t have to go through the process of replacing you right now, that way they can replace you on their time.

3.)  You will be viewed as disloyal.

Yes, they will now plan on replacing you, even if you accept their counteroffer and stay. If you think that you will be seen as a top employee that other companies desire and therefore will be viewed as more valuable to them, think again.  They will see you as disloyal, somebody they cannot count on, and they will assume they will have to replace you at some point down the road.  They just would prefer to do so when it is most convenient for them.

So, the next time you accept a great opportunity with a new company, it is important to assume you will get a counter offer and plan what to say when it is presented to you.  For example: “Thank you for the offer, but I have put a lot of thought into making this career move and I feel like it is still the best decision for my career at this time”.    Know that it will feel flattering to have two companies fighting for you, but remember, one wants to hire you because they think you are a valuable addition to their team, the other simply wants to avoid a hassle.

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